Not “big data”. Your data, and your company

What Is IFarmIS?

IFarmIS is a joint venture between McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics and independent farmers to create and continuously improve information management and agronomic practices at the field-level. IFarmIS will collect, analyze, track, format data and directly measure the results of management changes on your farm for the specific purpose of providing answers on how you can best invest your crop production budget. Farming operations need access to credible information on the frequency and probability of a profitable response to a given investment of capital, and how the return on this investment (ROI) compares to other potential investment options. IFarmIS will provide this much needed and evidence supported information based specifically on measurements from each individual farming operation.

Why IFarmIS?

Managing the available data to make more accurate decisions on where to commit your critical resources of time and money is necessary to maintain a viable farming operation. IFarmIS presents you with a unique opportunity to control your own destiny. It will provide you, the farmer-owners, the opportunity to get agronomic support from a source that is not driven by product sales, that evaluates your farm directly for profitable responses to investments, and allows you to share in the ownership and the profit. IFarmIS is built first and foremost to be flexible and agile so the services can be continuously modified to meet your rapidly changing needs in the agronomic and information arena.