The mission of IFarmIS is to develop and deliver unbiased, evidence supported information on agronomic practices that allows farmers to make profitable decisions at the field/farm level, while generating a return for our shareholders.

Your Ownership

IFarmIS will be jointly owned by independent agronomists and independent farmers who are actively using the services of IFarmIS. This is actual ownership, not a membership or customer patronage program. 50% of company stock can be purchased by farmer clients, and farmer clients will sit on the board of directors.

Most other data management services state the you “retain ownership” of your data but the fine print tells you that they can do whatever they want with it. This is not the case with IFarmIS. Allowing farmer-clients to maintain control of their own data, determine who sees it,  and realize any secondary value created by the potential sale of their individual data.

You will retain both ownership and control of your data as outlined in our privacy policy.

Review FAQ about ownership

Our Commitments

Provide a quality workplace for the best in agronomics and information management.

Maintain maximum compatibility with all monitoring systems, rate controllers, sensing and evaluation technologies.

Continue to seek out opportunities to improve decision support through the accumulation of data across farms with similar soils, weather, and farming practices.

No identifying data will be released to anyone but the farmer who owns that data.