IFarmIS Data Confidentiality Policy

  1. All the data collected by IFarmIS remains the permanent property of the farmer client that it came from.
  2. At the farmer/client’s request, IFarmIS will send prescription spread files containing only the fertilizer rate and location to the Farmer Clients designated dealer.
  3. If the farmer client wishes to provide their own detailed data to a third such as a farm manager, seed dealer or other entity, IFarmIS will package the data in the desired format for transfer to the third party but will send the data only to the farmer client who owns it.   IFarmIS will only release detailed and location specific data to the farmer/client. If the data is going to an authorized third party, it must pass through the farmer client.
  4. If the opportunity to sell data to a third party arises, decisions about what can be sold to who for how much will be made by a data security committee consisting only of farmer/client shareholders who have data in the system.   IFarmIS principals and employees will not be permitted to sit on the data security committee or vote on it. All decisions regarding sale or distribution of data to third parties will be made exclusively by farmers who own data in the system.
  5. Any data sold to a third party by the approval of the data security committee will be spatially downgraded to a minimum drift of 6 miles north and south and 6 miles east and west.  All identifying data on ownership will also be removed. This policy can only be modified by a 2/3 majority of all IFarmIS farmer/client shareholders.
  6. 25% of the gross revenue from any data sold will be rebated proportionally to the growers who own the specific data sold.
  7. Client data will not be released to any government entity without an order from the appropriate court and not until all legal efforts to deny access have been exhausted.