Why IFarmIS?

For the past 20 years, technologies such a GPS (Global Position System), GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Yield monitors and Remote Sensing have been collecting mountains of data. These systems and the data showed great promise in “revolutionizing” farming. Much of this promise has been unfulfilled. IFarmIS is being created specifically to mange data to answer the questions the farmer needs answer, rather than to promote or market technology, or products. Farmers need access to hard information on the frequency and probability of a profitable response to a given investment of their very limited capital, and how that potential investment compares to his other investment options.

Data analysis may tell you your optimal phosphate soil test level is 21 PPM but that correlation fails to answer the critical question which is what are the chances of a profitable response from an investment of your limited capital in phosphorus and is is that probability higher than an investment in tile or storage or drying capacity. The correlation also does not give you any information on the cost and risk of not applying phosphorus. After years of analysis, the highest correlations between any single variable and final yield are around 30%, which mean about 70% of the time that variable is not impacting final yield. Everything you do in crop production costs money, but not doing it also cost money. An information system needs to answer these questions directly. The IFarmIS system is being built specifically to answer as many of these types of questions as possible from your point of view, and to assist your decisions on what to spend money on, and what not to spend money on.